We manufacture watercooled Billet cylinder heads out of specially heat-treated aluminium, that has a significantly better heat transfer capabilitiy and is more durable compared to cast-aluminium.

Our cylinder heads are available "ready-to-install" for all engines that have a capability to get custom size ports and combustion chambers.

Heads are available fully "ready-to-install" into engines that have the possibility to be fitted with custom sized combustion chambers and ports. Heads are designed with the latest 3D-software so that for example the ports are manufactured directly 5-axiallity with the Mastercam Port Expert -software.

Material for valve guides etc. can be customized to meet the customers' demands.


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Toyota 4A-GE

                                                                                                             port photos     1   2         

Toyota 4A-GE head is a direct bolt-on for the A-series engine blocks, allowing the use of original timing gear.

Displacement 1400-2000+ cc .



   Toyota 4ag gen2

 We also offer a second development version of the 4ag heads, where the new valve components provides the chance to use better profile camshafts. Also the design of the ports is higher and the head is probably the first aftermarket head that is lighter than the original. 



Volvo  "sloped engine"

We manufacture heads to fit the 2 - 3.2 litre Volvo engines. 

We offer various sizes of combustion chambers for different piston sizes. Heads are manufactured so that original valve gear can be fitted with only minor modifications.

Cylinder divisions availbale in the original Volvo105 - 108 - 105, and the so called "Pinto" division 106 - 106 - 106.


VW  8 valve


 VW 8 valve head available in both models; both manifolds on the same side, or "straight through" models.