We manufacture cylinder bocks from an aluminium mixture. Blocks are machined in two parts; the crank case are made of one continuous piece and the actual block itself another piece. The cylinder sleeves are "wet" models and are supported to the top of the block. Head studs are taken down and supported into the bottom of the block.

More information on manufactured models can be found in our  WEBSHOP .

Manufacturing entirely custom made single models is also possible, for example Drag Racing use where sometimes suitable blocks just are not simply available                               


                                                                                                              Volvo 2-3.2L



We also modify original engine blocks. All sorts of machining and sleeving jobs are possible, for example most commonly Rallycross Supercar blocks are our production. We use  Darton and our own SME sleeves.

when it comes to sleeve jobs and other block related jobs, we always perform measurements to assure that the billet block is straight between cylinders and crankline, as well as measure all levels. Based on the received data, we can adjust the the block to be perfectly balanced. We use our CNC machine to machine the blocks. It has 4 programmable axels and the table can be tilted to 4 different directions.

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